Business Address & Phone:
8706 W Golf Road
Niles Il 60714

Business Hours:
Mondays 11am-10pm
Tuesdays Closed
Wednesdays 11am-10pm
Thursdays 11am-10pm
Fridays 11am-11pm
Saturdays 1pm-11pm
Sundays 1pm-10pm


Menu prices and menu items are subject to change without prior notice.


Salads & Zup's

All Soups and Salads are Served with Bread



All Dinners Served with Garlic Bread, Salad and a Side of Pasta

Nancy's Buffalo Wings

(served with Ranch)

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

All Pastas Served with Garlic Bread


By the Piece, Barbecue or Fried. Includes Fries & Garlic Bread

Fried Shrimp

Includes Fries & Garlic Bread



Stuffed Pizza

Small (4 Slices) / Medium (6 Slices) / Large (8 Slices) / Ex-Large (10 Slices). Each Additional Topping: Small $1.25 / Medium $1.50 / Large $1.75 / Ex-Large $2.00

Pan Pizza…Available upon request

Thin Crust Pizza

Additional Topping: Small 12″ $1.25 / Medium 14″ $1.50 / Large 16″ $1.75 / Ex-Large 18″ $2.50

Add These Fresh Ingredients To Your Pizza!

Italian Sausage, Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Anchovies, Sliced Beef, Broccoli, Chicken Breast, Fresh Basil, Genoa Salami, Capocollo, Ground Beef, Bacon, Mushrooms, Black or Green Olives, Onions, Garlic, Ricotta Cheese, Taomato, Zucchini, Canadian Bacon, Hot Giardiniera, Spinach, Shrimp, Roasted Red Pepper

Low Carb Pizza Available – Xtra Thin, half the carbs with all your favorite toppings!

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Chicken Specialties

Meat & Fish Specialties

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